domingo, 16 de enero de 2011


A smile undressed my body
and a silence woke my being up
in your beautiful garden.
My thoughts opened your window
and your nakedness appeared
inside my solitude.
Darkness has touched me
in the harshness of cold.
Snowflakes are falling
and you're still away.
I'm imagining your body as
a snowflake in my mind...

By Luis I. Rodriguez

domingo, 9 de enero de 2011


If I could understand your thoughts
I would build new worlds,
share with you ideas

you'll be seeing new hopes.

If I could move a mountain
you could dream in the spring,
to find serenity oneself,
at a place filled with peace and freedom.

If I could understand your ideas
I could change the world,
I'm finding your silence

in her internal compartment.

I cannot break your feelings,

or throw away your thoughts,

but let me shout in silence,

at a place filled with peace and justice.

By Luis I. Rodriguez

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011


Under the sky
between light and blue
between the dream and nothing
comes the anxiety of being.

Penetrating hot and cold streams,
lightnings of thought
in the world of being.

An inner melody vibrates
in the world of life
building from scratch
the edification of time.

Melody of silence
shadow and mystery
twisted in the mud
in the vastness of being.

Silence scrutinizes the mystery
of a lone fighter
that wants to keep dreaming
in the lap of time.

By Luis I. Rodriguez

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011


Bajo el firmamento,
entre la luz y el azul,
entre el soñar y la nada
surge la angustia del ser.

Corrientes penetrantes
de calor y de frío,
relámpagos del pensar
en el mundo del ser.

En el mundo de la vida
vibra una melodía interior
construyendo de la nada
el edificio del tiempo.

Melodía del silencio,
de sombra y de misterio
retorcida en el fango
en la vastedad del ser.

El silencio indaga el misterio
de un solitario combatiente
que quiere seguir soñando
en el regazo del tiempo.

Por Luis I. Rodríguez